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It's all about AUTOMATION

> What's the big deal about this COBOTIC 100T welder?

It's simple: I have ZERO experience in welding, but with this machine I can weld parks like a MASTER Welder with 20+ years of experience in a matter of minutes

> What does this mean for the industry?

It means that companies can now source employees from a much larger group to work alongside the machine. The American Welding Society confirms that the market is lacking skilled welders; and this machine is the solution..... anyone can weld parts with the Cobotic 100T

> How does this COBOTIC welder actually work?

Let's find out here.......

Cobot: how does it help


How does a COBOT help in the goal of allowing a salesman to be able to weld, without prior experience?

  • A) Cobot, is a collaborative robot, designed to interact with humans, and of course, is also a steady arm that moves along a path with a much higher precision than a human hand

  • B) Cobot moves at 300mm/s (11.8"/sec) whenever the protective doors are open and at 1500mm/s (59"/sec) when protective doors are closed. Needless to say, this is faster than any human can move

  • C) Cobot is designed to work side by side to humans, that is why when doors are open, the Cobot will automatically stop as soon as it hits anything (that's why it will never hurt a person)

  • D) Having a 6axis Cobot mounted on a linear guide on the roof of the machine, allow the torch to reach anywhere inside the enclosure, and even outside of it. Which makes the unit capable of continue welding without having to rotate the part as often.

Take a look at what I mean in the following videos

Gantry mounted on linear guide helps the Cobot reach everywhere, even outside the enclosure

Cobot technology and software makes it really easy to program, set a welding path, select waypoints and set parameters

Technical Specs

Tech Specs

Cobot Technology + 7th axis + Prime welder


UR5e 6-axis collaborative robot with 6 DOF rotating joints and an accuracy of +/- 0.03mm, with usable load according to ISO 9283. (900mm/35.4" arm length).


System fully integrated with the TIG welding generator (Voestalpine Bohler SELCO) Uranos NX 2700 SC / DC - IG AC - TIG DC HF Start - MMA. Cooled welder to ensure 24/7 interrupted processing.


COBOTIC 100 T has 6 axes on the cobot and a 7th axis of 1800mm which works in synchrony and guarantees maximum use of the cobot arm, allowing the torch to reach every corner of the working space, plus some space outside the machine enclosure

Main Goal:
Automate the welding process so that a person with no welding skills can obtain perfect parts



You can easily set waypoint and welding paths directly from the torch buttons

Even from the tablet, programing is easy and user friendly.

Enclosure & work area

Enclosure & work area

Work in total safety inside one or both large work areas.

Thanks to the Gantry position ALL work area is usable

Continuous Cycle

Continuous Cycle

Double working area allows the operator to load/unload while welding on the other side. 


Filler... on an Automated TIG Welder


A great optional feature.

This filler helps close gaps on


Cold wire can be added to the weld when flanges are not perfectly touching each other.
Simply use the buttons on torch to move the wire out until is close to the tungsten tip.

Then select speed and lapse of wire addition needed for a specific weld line, and you're good to ...... WELD!

Create a perfect radius weld by simply entering 3 point into the program


Spindle & Radius Weld

Spindle and Radius Weld


Let me show you what this automated TIG welding cell can do for YOU

Cobotic 100T FULL
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