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I'll be honest...... I knew NOTHING about welding!!

I had never welded in my life. All my industry experience ended once the part was formed.

I knew welding was about sticking metal together, that much I knew.

I knew welders were skilled people and I had heard the AWS said the US industry needed 400K welders, and had nowhere to look for them.

I knew there was MIG welding (where material was added to the part) and TIG welding (where ideally the flanges on the part were fused together)

Basically I knew welding was something quite difficult, where experience was needed, and where companies had to spend a lot of money, due to the lack of skilled welders available.


All this said.... TAKE A LOOK AT MY FIRST WELDS EVER!!!!!!

Welding is now for EVERYONE

Welding does not get any easier than this.

As you can see on the side video, I was able to program and weld this simple line in less than 1 minute

Welding for Everyone

Every weld is perfect

Thanks to easy programming, safe and reliable COBOT execution, enclosed double work-table and roof mounted linear guide for the gantry.

Welding is now something even I can do!!!

Automation is the name of the game


Weld faster, better and more parts than ever!!

An enclosed double work-table boosts up productivity by allowing the Cobot to weld while the operator can load the other table in full safety

Cobot - TIG and... FILLER!

TIG Wire Filler

TIG welding needs filler when flanges don't touch!!

This much I learned after some time. Hence the importance of a good bend. 

Seems difficult but this automated cell can run a cobot and a wire filler fo me

Reach everywhere

Reach Everywhere

Gantry mounted on linear guide helps the Cobot reach everywhere, even outside the enclosure

Some parts simply do not fit the table and need to be welded next to it.

But even on parts inside the table, the fact that the gantry is on the roof and moving along a linear guide, lets the torch reach everywhere

Yes, in the US e-ci distributes these babies

Game Changer

This automated welding cell helped me, a total unskilled welder, obtain perfect parts in short time and without much frustration.

Imagine what it can do for a job-shop

in the search for welders that are

nowhere to be found!!!

Game Changer


Let me show you what this automated TIG welding cell can do for YOU

Cobotic 100T
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