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Custom made Tools

Sheet-metal fabrication on press brake can be tricky. All of us know that sometimes we need to cheat on the machine or force the physics of a part to get it done. 

Custom made tooling comes in help when our "cheating" efforts no longer pay. 

Some of these solutions are really clever. Check them out

4 side deep box - single stroke

Check this quality test on a custom fully guided PB tool. check out the part that is formed in a single stroke

Hat profile - single Stroke

A well known shape on our sheet-metal parts. The HAT sheet requires 3 sheet flips and 2 difficult back gauge positioning... when the base of the hat is longer than the upper legs.... otherwise.... well..... a Custom tool solves many headaches, doesn't it?

Hinge forming - a Large one

Hinge custom tools are a must have when fabricating doors or shelves. This one in particular is quite interesting because of the size of the hinge required. 

Rod bar bending

All of us have been tempted to bend a rod bar on a press brake.... just to be remember that pressure = force on area.... and the area of contact between a rod bar and our tools is, to say the least, quite small.

Long story short, we destroy our PB tools and crack the rod we wanted to bend.

This tool distributes the force on a larger area, creating a comfortable radius that will save tools and rod bars. 

This version does 5 rod bars in a single stroke!!!!

Taper forming with hole on PB
S shape with extractor
Omega on thick plate
Grid wire panel bend with cams
Large radius coining
Embutido deformation EMBOSS_SHORT
Tangential Tool
rotor folding bend

Other interesting tests on Custom PB Tooling

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