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VARIO Adjustable Die

Manual V selection

The VARIO Adjustable die by ROLLERI presents an ideal solution even on its manual V opening setup.

On any given PB length the VARIO results easy to use and really fast on selecting V opening.


On PB length over 20ft (6mtr) a servo assistant on the further end of the die helps the operator move from one V to the next.

Operator uses only a cranking tool and the servo assistant only requires 24V.

With all V openings at 60° and a 85T/ft (250T/mtr) resistance this adjustable VARIO by Rolleri has outstanding performance on plate  and AR steel bending.

Here's a test done on .75"(19mm)  steel by 26ft(8mtrs)

Cincinnati 20ft 750PF

with Manual VARIO 2" to 8" setup

Fabricators in the automotive industry have seen an increase in the abrasive resistant material use for new parts.


Bending AR steels can be complicated

The adjustable VARIO die offers a great solution thanks to it's 60° V openings and it's great resistance.  

In this case the VARIO solution became better thanks to an adapter that allows the use of standard dies for thinner gauge parts.

By using an adapter die raiser the VARIO can always stay on the press brake

Vario-V on 750PF20 CI.JPG
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