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VARIO Adjustable Die

VARIO rendering with fix shoulders No mo

The VARIO die improves setup timing and V opening changes. It’s designed to work on abrasive materials like Hardox, Strenx, Weldox or Armor, bending 90° on these materials with no effort.

-Fast adjustment between V openings

​​-Manual or Motor CNC controlled options

​​-V openings from 2” to 8” in standard version and up to 16” in HD design.

​​-Up to 100 Tons/ft (300 T/mtr) resistance

​​-60° V openings

​​-Ready for AR Steel

Tech Features VIDEO

This short video will walk you through how the VARIO operates, its' main features and capabilities.

Tech Features Video

Models Available

Models available

  • Standard VARIO.50.200 from 2" to 8"

    in increments of 25mm (1") - (all V openings at 60°)

    Check Tech Specs

  • Standard VARIO.40.260 from 1.6" to 10.25"

    in increments of 20mm (.76") - (all V openings at 60°)

    Check Tech Specs

  • Heavy Duty VARIO.50.300 from 2" to 12"

    in increments of 25mm (1") - (All V openings at 60°)

    Check Tech Specs

  • Heavy Duty VARIO.50.400 from 2" to 16"

    in increments of 25mm (1") - (V from 2" to 8" at 60° other openings        decrease slowly. V16" at 100°)

    Check Tech Specs

a motorized CNC controlled VARIO showing it's 16" V opening

Bending Capacity

  • Standard Version: Up to 1" Mild Steel

  • Heavy Duty: Up to .875" Hardox 450

Capacity is calculated with a PB table that is at least 80% of the largest V opening on the die

All this incredible die needs is some pressurized air!!

The pneumatic force is used to lift the shoulders and allow you to move from one V to another.

You can move the V in increments of 25mm (1") or 20mm (.76") depending on the model you choose

Selecting the V manually is really easy. But for those who want the extra bonus a motorized CNC option is also available.

Manual V Setup

Tests on video

CNC Motor Setup

Testing 5mm (.187") on 16ft length

Check out the angle result on the first test bend on 16ft (5 meters) of .187" thickness... really good results I'd say.

VARIO on TANDEM and Long Press Brakes

Tandem PB

On longer installations and specially on TANDEM press brakes  Manual Section Setup is recommended.

This avoids any momentum loose due to  long crankshaft and enables STAGE bending with the VARIO

Technical Documents

Technical drawings and specifications on the VARIO adjustable die

Technical Documents

General Description

VARIO General Description 2021.png
Quenched and hardened radius shoulders to improve resistant and longevity

Die raiser adapter

Once the VARIO is set on a press brake it can easily be adapted as a table for standard dies. This is a great option for those looking to bend thin gauge and plate with the same brake

Vario with adapter.jpg

Watch how the die raiser adapter is mounted into the VARIO adjustable die

How to clamp to PB table

Typically the VARIO die is clamped to the PB table using side plate clamps.
In case of PB tables with particular width a different clamping system cn be adopted


VARIO 50.200

Vario 50.200 TECH

This adjustable die goes from 2" to 8"  in increments of 1" while all V openings remain at 60° with a resistance of 85T/ft (250ton/mtr).

All these features make it a great tool to bend up to 1" MS and with many different abrasive resistant steels like Hardox, Armox, Strenx, etc

VARIO50.200 b.jpg

VARIO 40.260

Vario 40.260 TECH

This version provides more V openings in increments of 20mm (.76") while keeping the same resistance and angle features.


VARIO 50.300


this Heavy Duty version provides a solution with V openings from 2" to 12" at 60° and with 100ton/ft

VARIO 50.400

Vario 50.400 TECH

This heavy duty version starts on a V=2" and goes al the way up to 16" width.

Resistance is improved up to 100T/ft (300Ton/mtr) while the V openings up to 8" remain at 60°.

See the angle that can be achieved on the remaining V openings on the drawings below

bending angle on large V.jpg
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